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Residential Landscaping


Why Choose Urban Landscaping & Irrigation for Your Residential Landscaping Needs

 We understand that your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Our team of dedicated landscapers is committed to turning your vision into reality, creating outdoor spaces that bring joy and tranquility to your everyday life. Envision the possibilities, and let us be your partner in crafting the perfect residential landscape that complements the unique beauty of your home.

Key Features of Our Residential Landscaping Services

Personalized Design Solutions

Elevate your outdoor living spaces with our personalized design solutions tailored to your unique style, preferences, and the architectural character of your home.

Lush Gardens and Plantings

Immerse your surroundings in nature's beauty with our expertly designed gardens, vibrant plantings, and thoughtfully chosen foliage that thrive in your specific climate.

Hardscape Brilliance

Create inviting outdoor retreats with our skillfully crafted hardscape elements, including patios, pathways, and cozy seating areas designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

Water Features and Lighting

Transform your backyard into an oasis with our water features, such as fountains or ponds, and enhance the ambiance with strategic outdoor lighting for magical evenings.

Seasonal Maintenance

Keep your residential landscape in impeccable condition with our comprehensive maintenance services, covering lawn care, seasonal cleanups, and ongoing plant health care.

Sustainable Landscaping Practices

Embrace environmentally conscious landscaping with our sustainable practices, including water-efficient irrigation systems, native plant selections, and eco-friendly materials.

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